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"Dreams"  -   Solo Piano


In my first release solo piano album "Dreams" I will take you to a new level of serenity.​ The Romantic style lights your imagination and you step into a different world full of deep love and tender passion. This Album will give you a chance to dive into the romantic atmosphere and relax in a beautiful musical experience.


A Dream is always love... love of our mothers, love of our children, love of our hopes, of the men or women we love, and even of our futures, which are always unknown; that is exactly why we love them.

We always fall in love when we are dreaming. Such a great feeling showers us when we are about to make that first step towards our reveries. We wouldn't dream about something that we didn’t love or wish for, and this is the essence of our cloud-castles. We always feel fulfilled and inspired when we are wishing for, dreaming about, or yearning for our ideas, plans, loved ones, and even certain feelings. We can't predict some of our feelings or change our attitudes towards some things, but we can always build small, cozy cloud-castles inside our hearts, and place therein for safekeeping the hope and belief that someday all our dreams will come true. It doesn't matter when and where this happens, so long as we love our reveries so much that we can't live, sleep and breathe without them.

Sometimes our dreams are so strong that we can't tell where they end and real life begins: here, where we can check, touch and prove everything, or there, where our lives can be as wonderful as we wish, as strong as we feel, as bright as we deserve. Walking on the "shores" of our reveries, we can be anyone and be with anyone. Sunset will never stop for us, and birds will sing endless songs while we are happy and blessed with the power of love on that Dream Island. Everybody is loved and has magic wings, flying toward madly harmonious feelings and thoughts.

There, the Sea is always talking to the Sky. They will never be together...It is so unreal and even senseless: The Sky is too far from the Sea, and the Sea is too deep for the Sky. At the first glance, they have no point and no reason to interact... But if you look at them at sunset, gazing into the distance, where only the glare of transparent, multi-colored sunbeams is visible, and catch the faint smell of early spring, you will notice how deep the sunset is. Right over there, the Sea and the Sky are merging into one single, immense, orange spot where two souls that will never be together can still find each other in the country of DREAMS!