Article about my recital "Pictures of Southern Russia"

There is an article that recently was posted on the official site of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Dagestan (Russia). For your convenience I am providing a translation. Gyuli Kambarova: "If you are a native of Dagestan, your heart will always burn with a bright fire of native melodies" Dagestan composer and pianist Gyuli Kambarova graduated from the School of Music in Makhachkala and Rakhmaninov State Conservatory in Rostov-on-Don (Russia). She currently lives and works in the United States. Compositions by Gyuli are unique: they are an incredible mix of Eastern Russian melodies and rhythms in the framework of contemporary classical music. Hundreds of people come to listen to th

Video from My Recital "Pictures of Southern Russia"

My dear friends, I am happy to share the video from my last recital with my fans who couldn't come or didn't know about this event. Now the video from my last recital "Pictures of Southern Russia" is available on my YouTube channel. Please, feel free to leave your feedbacks and comments. It will help to understand what kind of music you like and encourage me to write new compositions. Hope, you will enjoy it!

Working on "My Way"

This week we finished recording all the compositions for my second album "My Way". Everybody has been working very hard to make it happen and I appreciate it a lot. Despite the fact that the process was very intense and sometimes quite stressful everybody enjoyed working with each other and the album is promising to be a success! Mastering is next... See more pictures from the studio sessions here. p.s. if you would like to support this project, please go to GoFundMe.

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