Recent Diploma for "Swallow"

Today I received a diploma at the Composition Competition named after one of my favorite composers Sergey Agababov in Dagestan (Russia) for my piece "Swallow". It is a piece for voice and piano which was performed at the House of Poets at the winners recital. I am very honored to be a part of this event and spread my music around the world!

Halloween Piano Party Was A Great Idea!

Yesterday my students and I had an informance (informal performance) in my private piano studio. Everyone wore a costume and played interesting spooky pieces :) Many kids invited their parents, grandparents, siblings and relatives to join this event. My assistant, Johannes Visser, performed for us Beethoven's Sonata in F Major for violin and piano. I decided to play one of my preludes for piano entitled "Russian Romance" to make people feel relaxing and enjoy the wonderful evening. Everybody was happy to share his/her music experience with the audience! We had nice crowd and cookout afterward. Sounds like Halloween is coming! Be prepared!

My Student Won A Piano Competition in Lexington!

Last Saturday my student Wanda Wu won the KTMA Bluegrass Performance Competition in Lexington. She became the only winner in Elementary group! Also, my youngest student, George Chen, who is only 5 years old, received a diploma. Both of my students were showered with complements about the tone, nice piano technique and interesting programs. I can't be happier, knowing that our work was paid off 100%! Professors of the University of Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky University and Western Kentucky University recognized the talents of my students and invited us to participate in the next piano competitions. We are planning to do it already in November!

My Student Won State Composition Competition

I am happy to announce that my student Calvin Brey has won KMTA State Composition Competition in Elementary group! He already won this competition last year and we decided to try it again. We have received excellent comments for Calvin's "Five Possibilities" from the judge Dr. Steve Rouse. According to his comments this piece has "very good use of energy flow and contrasting areas of rhythmic diversity and variety; the melody is memorable and catchy; harmony is very adventures and interesting; the form is excellent". Now we are waiting for the results from Eastern Division Composition Competition to became a finalist of the National one. Wish us luck!

"Unchained" at the Kentucky Music Teachers Conference

I had been preparing for that day almost six months! I was writing non stop the whole summer, being in the music world, full of beauty and unbelievably interesting adventure! My family and friends supported me when I was frustrated and tired, my brain told me to work harder, my heart made more than one hundred beats per minute.. It was all paid off on September 21st at the State Conference in Lexington! "Unchained' was "shining" on the stage through the fabulous sounds of violin, cello, saxophone, piano, and percussion. I could not be happier that day when all of my musical dreams came true and outstanding musicians performed my composition. I felt unchained and relieved, blessed and gratefu

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