Success in The Movie Field!

My collaboration with a talented and very creative movie director Anna Barsukova has had a big success! We have been working together as a team since 2014. Anna and I have created two documentaries: "You Are Not Alone!" and "Voice for the Voiceless" with my original music. It was a long and very interesting process to work on these films. They have been receiving awards from all over the world and continue to be shown in many movie theaters and film festivals. Only for the last few months the documentary "Voice for the Voiceless" has become finalists and semi-finalists in the US (Los Angeles, Washington), Germany (Berlin), Australia (Sydney), India (Maharashtra), Belarus (Minsk), Romania (B

My 5-Year-Old Student Is A Winner!

Last Saturday my student George Chen and I went to Lexington to Eastern Kentucky University to participate in the 1st David Moore Piano Competition. My 5-year-old student became a finalist and won the second place in the second round. He was the youngest participant and competed with kinds who were 7-10 years old. George impressed everyone with his fabulous technique and beautiful sound! His musicality was far beyond his age. I can't be happier, knowing that my students are always the best!

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