Working Hard On Christmas Day!

Today we were happy to practice for many hours my pieces for our upcoming recital and recording of my 4th CD "Unchained". It was so much fun and joy! Please, check some of the videos from our practice time today below. We would be very happy to see you all on January 3rd at UofL, Bird Hall at 7PM!

My Diploma From The Union of Composers of Russia

So happy to receive this diploma for the invaluable contribution to the development of musical culture in connection with the 65th anniversary of the Union of Composers of Dagestan. The Union of Composers of Russia expresses its gratitude for my friendly contacts, careful attentive relationship with the music in all its diversity, talent and sincere service to art.

My Lecture at Youth Performing Art School (YPAS)

Recently, I was asked to make a presentation at YAPS Dance Department about different dances in classical music such as mazurka, polonaise, waltz, and etc. as well as to cover basic music terminology. I had already done it before and knew that I needed to be creative in order to present the information in more adventures and interesting for the students way to keep them engaged and active, which I thing I have accomplished. I was talking about different types of dances and their specific details. Also, students learned more about basic music theory which they were be able to apply to the dance field. The audience seemed very interested and communicated with me extremely well, discussing new

Our Fabulous Christmas Recitals

Last Saturday my students and I had a wonderful piano recitals at the Louisville Academy of Music and at the Crescent Hill United Methodist Church. These were very unique concerts! My students enjoyed, playing first time their duets with Samir (saxophone). He intrigued them with jazzy and well known classical pieces which they learned at our CHAMBER MUSIC CLASSES. Remarkable sound of saxophone and classical color of piano made bright Christmas atmosphere for the audience. Another exiting moment at our recital became my duet with Chinese harp - guldjan that was played by one of my student's parent Yinyin Wright. It was my first experience with this rare string instrument. We surprised everyon

Chamber Music at Our Piano Studio

Now we are offering CHAMBER MUSIC CLASSES for intermediate and advanced level students. I adapt well-known pieces for saxophone and piano to make it more interesting and engaging for my students. Schedule your lesson with Samir already today and we would be happy to teach you classical and jazz styles! it is so much fun to feel spirit of music together, following the same beats! Join our classes and make your Christmas brighter and more exiting!

Everyone Is Invited!

On January 3rd at 7PM my friends and I are going to perform my music at UofL Bird Recital Hall. I am very exited about this event and looking forward to playing my music for my friends, students and music lovers! My old friends Oleg Bezuglov and Natalia Bezuglova are coming all the way from Lansing, Michigan to record my 4th CD "Unchained" and share their talents on the stage with listeners. Please, join us and let the beginning of 2020 year be musical and joyful!

UofL News Wrote About My Music

UofL News wrote about my music and the last performance at the State Conference in Lexington where was a premier of my quintette for saxophone, violin, cello, piano and percussion "Unchained". Many people found this news very exiting and congratulated me with my success as a KMTA Commissioned Composer 2019. Now I am waiting for the results from The National Composition Competition by Music Teacher National Association that will be announced by the end of January. Fifty commissioned composers from all states are "fighting" for the very prestigious award "Distinguished Composer of the Year".

My Student Won Southern Division Competition

My very talented student Calvin Brey already a second time finalist of MTNA National Composition Competition! He won the state and southern division rounds. Now he can go and perform his piece "5 Possibilities" in Chicago, if he wins the National Composition Competition. Wish us luck!

New Article About My Music

Recently, International Alliance for Women in Music has issued a journal with an article about my music for the movies. This topic reveals a story about my collaboration with Russian movie director Anna Barsukova and our work on the documentaries "You Are Not Alone!" and "Voice for the Voiceless". Yesterday, the last one received a grand prize at the very prestigious movie festival "Magic of Movie" in Russia (Odintsovo). You can check out the article below.

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