My High School Students Won The 1st Round

I am happy to share the great new with you! Two of my piano students have been advanced to the final round of the Governor's School for the Art and that will take place in Lexington on March 20th at the University of Kentucky. I am so proud of my students and very excited to learn advanced pieces with them to prepare them for the competition. Besides that, we are working with them on the audition material that they will perform on the collage entrance exams.

My "Little Music Stories" Have Come Back

Last week I resumed my "Little Music Stories" and wrote Episode #12 "You and I" as a musical present for my mom's 60th birthday. It was exciting moment just to know that I still could connect with my family through the vibrations of my music. This composition is reflecting my mom's favorite romantic style with the bright harmonies and sensitive melodies. There are two contrasting parts and duets which are coming to the dramatic climax and resolving to the main melody at the end. Enjoy my little gift!

Saxophone Lessons

Samir Kambarov is an experienced saxophone teacher who brings new jazzy waves to our Music Studio. We are happy to share his lessons with you to find a whole world full of unforgettable sound of saxophone music. Please, contact us, if you would like to know more about his lessons!

Everyone Is Enjoying Our Grand Piano!

The last week was a very special for our students because we introduced them to our Steinway baby grand piano! We named it Black Dimond. Everybody was happy to practice on it and record some of his/her current pieces. In the near future we are planning to do piano meetings once a month. Our students and teachers will perform compositions and evaluate the results afterwards. It is great chance to perform more often and have fun, sharing everyone's own music experience with others. Join us and feel the power of music too!

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