My Live Stream Performances

Hi everyone! I would like to share a great news with you! Now I am playing VIRTUALLY relaxing and light piano music every FRIDAY and SATURDAY nights at 8PM to entertain and uplift you all! It’s live stream performances on: The magic power of music can help us to be more connected and provide a relief from our negative thoughts. It’s stress free projects! Let’s stay connected and support each other as much as we can! I believe that TOGETHER we can make a difference! 🎹🎶💕 I

Remote Lessons. We Are Saying "NO" to Coronavirus!

Hi everyone! I hope you stay healthy and positive. We adjusted our lessons according to the situation with Coronavirus and now can teach remotely as well. Please, let us know if you would like to do your lessons online and we will be happy to help you to make your days brighter and more interesting! We are thrilled to share our new musical experience with you!

The Hope We Need

Today I came up with a new "Little Music Story" that I named "The Hope We Need". I would like to share this composition with all the people who need hope and support to stay positive and optimistic. In this unpredictable, scary and difficult time I would like to make everyone's life a little bit brighter, happier and uplifted. Hope I will reach my goal ;)

My Music Makes a Difference

Recently, I was asked for a permission to perform my song at the concert that was dedicated to foster families and adoption in Solnechnogorsk (Russia). I was very happy to hear that people know my compositions and like my style. A teenage girl Uliyana Trunova sang one of my soundtracks for the documentary "You Are Not Alone!" by Anna Barsukova. I would like to share this video with you. Hope many kids will find their new homes and parents soon and this world will have less pain, tears and broken hearts...

Episode #13 "Lullaby"

Recently, I composed another "Little Music Story" that I named “Lullaby”. I dedicated it to an outstanding teacher and a great person Irina Nakhtigal who opened the magical world of music for me when I was a kid. She was teaching Music History class and was the first person who introduced to me the great composers and their pieces. I fell in love with the classical style and the unique color of Dagestan songs. I promised that one day I will write a special piece for her. I am glad that I kept my promise🎶🎹. Hope you all enjoy it!

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