"Lift Up Lou" Livestream Concert

Recently, I was awarded with another grant. "LIft Up Lou" singed up a contract with me for a micro-commission work and organized a livestream concert for Samir and me. "Lift Up Lou" is public and government service that is supporting artists and gives them a chance to be heard by listeners around the world. Last Wednesday, on May 13th Samir and I played a livestream concert from our improved home studio. We used our brand new microphones to provide a better quality sound for our listeners and performed my original pieces for alto-saxophone and piano and two of my preludes for piano solo. We were happy to participate the program of "Lift Up Lou" and find more fans of our music art. In fact, w

Film Conference "Golden Plate"

Yesterday it was an honor to participate in an online International Film Festival "Golden Plate" which originally located in Kazan (Tatarstan). I was invited as a music expert and a composer to discuss the main idea of the documentary by Anna Barsukova "Voice for the Voiceless". We talked about people with HIV and their problems in our society. It was an interesting meeting where I virtually met many professional people from different fields. Doctors, movie directors, journalists, audience and festival organizers took part in this project and tried to solve the problem of discrimination of people with HIV. You can find a link to the documentary below: Link to "Voice for the Voiceless"

My Student And I Are On The UofL News

It was a big surprise for me today when one of my friends congratulated me with my teaching success. I didn't expect to be on the UofL news again. There is a paragraph about my student's award who recentely has been chosen out of approximately 1400 students. Please, check the news below!

We Are On The News!

Yesterday I received an email from UofL news. They wrote a paragraph about our livestream concert at the "Employee Shoutouts" part. Moreover, I received a kind email from the director of Employee Development and Success with appreciations for our generous and professional job. Mr. Brian W. Buford said that we are "making a difference through music and the reason that UofL is a great place to work". I am delightful to know that people still know the value of music and appreciate our hard work!

We Won Another Grant!

Hi everyone! I am happy to share a wonderful news with you! We have been awarded with another grant from Louisville Arts Network. On may 13th (Wednesday) at 3PM Samir and I are going to play another livestream concert from our home studio. Moreover, we have purchased professional microphones to make the quality of our sound ever better and create an atmosphere of a real performance. Please, join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to listen to my original pieces for piano and saxophone. When we played virtual concert last time, many people left us great comments about it and asked if they could find my music online. Answering this question, I would like to let you know that you can always

With No Words...

I am introducing my latest piece from the series "My Little Music Stories" for piano solo "The Altered World". This composition doesn't need descriptions. With no words you will understand what it is about...

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