My Piano Stars

This week I had a chance to award my winners with diplomas and gift cards. It was a very special moment for us and everyone was excited and happy! We will keep participating in online piano competition and work hard on interesting compositions, making progress and advance my students' levels. Creative process is always endless!

My Students Are Superior Pianists

Today my students and I received great news! My students Leila Thomas, Lara Thomas and Calvin Brey have been awarded with Superior diplomas by Kentucky Music Teacher Association. They have received the highest scores and amazing comments from piano professors Mr. Clinton Pratt and Dr. Andy Villemezat who were adjudicators at KYMTA e-Festival. In addition to that, Calvin Brey has been selected to perform at the State Honors Recital which gathers only 25% of the top students in Kentucky! I am extremely proud of my outstanding students and wish them to keep their hard job up! There are the links to the videos which were sent to the e-Festival:

My Students Took All Places At The All-Russia Piano Competition "Territory of Music Without Boa

Hi everyone! I am extremely happy to announce that my extraordinary students won a very prestigious All-Russian Online Piano competition in Russia in all age groups: Elementary group -George Chen (2nd place) and John Chen (3rd place), Junior Group - Lara Thomas (3rd place), Senior Group - Madelyn Bowers (1st place) and Leila Thomas (2nd place). Moreover, I received a diploma for an extraordinary and professional job as a teacher. People from different countries participated in this contest thus making it international. The competition carries old Russian piano traditions and has well-known judges from the prestigious Conservatory in St. Petersburg. My students and I received professional fee

Our First Virtual Recital

Today is a big day for us! We had two piano recitals in collaboration with Ethen where we announced the results of our 1st GSK Piano Competition. 🎹 It was so much preparation with the diplomas, awards and comments. Feel tired but very happy that we could prove that remote lessons work! Professional people are professional in many ways! I am extremely proud of my great students who worked very hard for these concerts and the competition.

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