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CD "Memories"

I am happy to announce that my third CD "Memories" is now available! Here is some information that is printed on the insert of the disc that describes it very well:

"Our memories are what we are, what define us. They detail our experiences, shape our present, and influence our future. “Memories”, by Russian composer Gyuli Kambarova, is a collection of original compositions for Anna Barsukova’s international award winning documentary “You Are Not Alone!” The film follows two families who are devoted to adopting children, hoping to raise awareness for orphans everywhere. Gyuli’s musical score helps to tell the story of love and hope, desperation and loneliness, peace and happiness. You are invited to join us in this intriguing musical adventure."

You are more than welcome to listen to some samples and purchase a digital copy of the disc. If you would like to buy a physical album, please, contact me via CONTACT ME page.

Thank you all for your support!

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