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Another Music Gift from One of My Students

Our piano studio is fully prepared for the Christmas Recital! We are so excited to have it this coming Saturday, December 19th via Zoom and invite our dear friends and relatives to celebrate the biggest holiday of the year. It was a successful year for our students who have learned many new pieces of different styles and composers, participated many online National and International festivals and concerts as well as live events before this past March...

Every time when we hold our concerts, we announce latest successes of our students and faculty, discuss our future plans and projects. One of the biggest news of this year is about our expansion. To accommodate more students, we have hired two fantastic teachers who are continuing our best traditions, making the studio very unique and progressive! Our piano studio is happy to keep supporting our community, providing great music education and inspiring people to believe in power of music. Please, join us today and get 50%off your first lesson in December!

Enjoy the video of John Weis below:

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