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CD "My Little Music Stories" Has Been Released!

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

I am extremely exited to announce that my 5th CD "My Little Music Stories" was officially released last week. My good friend and outstandingly talented pianist Arthur Tang recorded all the pieces for the CD. Now you can find it on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube etc. There are 13 romantic piano compositions that will tell you some stories through the beauty of expressive melodies and deeply reached harmonies. The soundtracks are contrasting and each of them has its own personality. Some of the tracks are nostalgic and have lyrical character, some of them are dramatic with strong personalities, the others can make you feel relaxed and quiet.

This album was my special music present for the women since it was released on March 8th, the International Women's Day. The CD is a collection of my favorite "Little Music Stories" that I have been composing for the last four years. It reflects some episodes of my life: my feelings and dreams, hopes and despairs, thoughts and plans. I dedicated this CD to the loving memory of my grandmother Gyuli Dadasheva who I grew up with. She was my mentor and best friend. Unfortunately, she left this world almost two years ago, on July 9th 2021. My grandmother Gyuli was a great example of an optimistic, enthusiastic, strong, smart, and beautiful woman who dedicated her life to me. She taught me to live my life fully and happily, fallowing my dreams without any regrets. I know that she would be thrilled to know that I am growing as a professional musician perusing the greatest passion of my life - writing my MUSIC.

You can enjoy the soundtracks if you click on the links below:


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