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Future Way of Steinway. Fantom Concert.

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Last week I was invited to a Spiriocast by Steinway & Sons that took place at the Steinway & Sons' Gallery. Many piano teachers participated this event including well known teachers from MTAC. The manager of the Steinway store introduced us the latest invention from Steinway. Engineers created a device that was connected to one of the pianos in the store and a couple of famous pianist performed for the audience from Steinway Hall in New York. We could watch them playing for us on the screen of a big TV while the grand piano was providing the real sound of Steinway's piano right in front of us! It was a ghost performance! Piano played by itself! This unforgettable show brought so much emotions and ideas to me! Also, I met the president of MTAC (North Brunch) Joanne Stohs and we were happy to share our thoughts after the "fantom" concert. I hope that next time my piano students will be able to join me and enjoy the the ghost performance! You can find some some videos and pictures from the show below.


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