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My Music Will Be A Part of Churchill Downs

I am thrilled to announce that recently I have been awarded with a grant from Fund for the Arts and Churchill Downs. My friends Oleg Bezoglov, Natalia Bezuglova, my husband Samir Kambarov and I will perform my music for violin, saxophone and piano on the Opening Night celebration at Churchill Downs on April 24, 2021. This Opening Night celebration is the kick-off to Derby Week and features artists “at every turn”. In addition to horse racing throughout the evening, live art performances and installations will be stationed around the racetrack. Over the past few years, this event has adopted an "Orange" theme, a color that symbolizes creativity, enthusiasm, and encouragement. Art and Music are encouraged to incorporate light to symbolize the re-emergence of our community as a beacon of hope. This year’s celebration will also incorporate a theme of healing and rebuilding, which is the focus of the Fund for the Arts’ Annual Campaign in 2021. The goal of this event is to entertain patrons with uplifting and interactive performances.

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