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"PianissiMore" is Asking for Donations

Hi everyone,

I will start this post with a real story from my life. A couple of months ago I met online a wonderful piano teacher Valery Kravchenko who lives with her family in California. She has her own piano studio and is inspiring many people to play piano and learn music theory and history. Valery is Ukrainian who received her Master and Doctor degrees in Kharkov. We found so much in common as piano teachers who have their own studios and very similar education which we were lucky to receive one of us in Russia and the other in Ukraine. We have started to share our ideas with each other helping to improve our studios' level and making the teaching process more interesting and educational. We are great examples of human beings without borders and nationalities: I am a Russian and Valery is a Ukrainian. Recently, I found out that her parents were still living in Kharkov... This terrible news could'n leave me quiet. I believe that everyone is thinking about the horrible and terrifying battle that is taking many lives from both sides every day. We are stronger when we are together and I am asking everyone for donation to the victims in Ukraine. Please be kind, open your hearts and don't think that it is not your problem. War doesn't have a nationality or an age group, it can happen in any country and any time! Valery is gathering donation as well as me and have already sent some items and money to her Motherland. Last time when we were collecting money for the people who lost everything in Mayfield, I realize how kind and supportive our students were! I believe that our students can help again and support the victims of unbelievably cruel war. You can find several links for your donation below. Please, choose your own way to help. God bless you all for your pure hearts. May our prayers bring peace between Ukraine and Russia...

Please, share this post with your friends. Many thanks.

Help via Venmo by sending @helpukrainenow Verification code 8297

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