Kentucky Music Teachers State Conference Is Coming Soon!

I am very exited about the Kentucky Music Teachers State Conference that will take place at the FarishTheater at Central Lexington Public Library on September 21st at 1.30PM. It is a big privilege to be a Commission Composer 2019 and present my newest piece which I wrote specially for this event! The musicians (Oleg Bezuglov, Natalia Bezuglova, Samir Kambarov, Felix Borges, and Israel Cuenca) are working hard to master my "Unchained" and represent it at the conference. Also, the day before the performance, we are planning to record my piece in the TNT Recording Studio. I am looking forward to celebrate both of these events with my friends and my family! Please, join us at the conference and support contemporary music! You can find all of the information about this coming event below:

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