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Music Together

PianissiMore is a unique music studio that I established in 2017. It incorporates the best European and American music traditions, innovative approaches to teaching, and new technology. My mission is to enrich the community through high quality teaching that is not only very entertaining, but is driven by high results. My students demonstrate outstanding level by winning national and international music competitions, participating in prestigious festivals, and receiving scholarships from well-known universities. I accept students of all ages and experience levels. My pupils learn and progress as musicians while I am guiding them through their musical journeys. 

Gyuli Kambarova.heic
Gyuli's Students

Listen to Our Students

“I am a music lover and amateur guitarist. I have dabbled with piano before but never stuck with it long enough or with the discipline and conviction to make lasting progress. I knew that the obligation of professional instruction would get me to where I wanted to go. Last month, I started lessons with Gyuli Kambarova, the owner of PianissiMore and an accomplished and award-winning pianist. I have learned more over the past month (technique, reading music, and music theory) than I had in all my prior attempts going it alone. I only wish I had started years earlier! I actually look forward to both lessons and practice and am eager to see where Gyuli and PianissiMore can take me!”


“Gyuli is an incredible teacher. Not only has she helped me improve my technique by leaps and bounds, especially since I am becoming a more competitive piano player, she has also been incredibly kind, patient, and attentive to the needs of her students. Her passion of music really shows -- she has thorough knowledge of almost every piece in the essential piano repertoire, and she is an excellent composer as well who can write pieces full of emotional depth, and sometimes, of high technical difficulty. She has also helped me practice my Russian!”


Easily the best teacher I’ve had. Communicates ideas and concepts easily, very in-depth insights on how to play and listen to each note, and spots errors in playing within seconds. Vast knowledge in both technical and stylistic playing. I improve very swiftly with each lesson, and I genuinely find myself loving the piano with every concept I learn. Very nice, professional, and understanding.


Image by Lorenzo Spoleti
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