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My Teaching Philosophy

In my studio, I offer individual lessons tailored to each student's goals and interests. I believe in a well-rounded music education and provide instruction in music theory, technique, sight-reading, and interpretation. I strive to create a nurturing and encouraging environment where students can develop their musical abilities and find their unique voices.

To enhance the learning experience, I incorporate technology into my teaching. I use interactive software and apps to engage and motivate students, as well as to provide visual and auditory aids. This includes virtual keyboards, music recording software, and online resources for practicing and learning.

One of the key aspects of my teaching philosophy is to instill a love and appreciation for music in my students. I expose them to a wide range of musical genres and styles and encourage them to explore their own creativity and musical interests. I believe that music should be enjoyable and that a passion for music will drive students to excel.
I am proud of the achievements of my students, and I am committed to providing them with the tools and guidance they need to succeed. Whether they aspire to become professional musicians or simply want to enjoy playing the piano as a hobby, I am dedicated to helping them reach their full potential.

Gyuli Kambarova.heic

Listen to Our Students

“I am a music lover and amateur guitarist. I have dabbled with piano before but never stuck with it long enough or with the discipline and conviction to make lasting progress. I knew that the obligation of professional instruction would get me to where I wanted to go. Last month, I started lessons with Gyuli Kambarova, the owner of PianissiMore and an accomplished and award-winning pianist. I have learned more over the past month (technique, reading music, and music theory) than I had in all my prior attempts going it alone. I only wish I had started years earlier! I actually look forward to both lessons and practice and am eager to see where Gyuli and PianissiMore can take me!”


“Gyuli is an incredible teacher. Not only has she helped me improve my technique by leaps and bounds, especially since I am becoming a more competitive piano player, she has also been incredibly kind, patient, and attentive to the needs of her students. Her passion of music really shows -- she has thorough knowledge of almost every piece in the essential piano repertoire, and she is an excellent composer as well who can write pieces full of emotional depth, and sometimes, of high technical difficulty. She has also helped me practice my Russian!”


“Gyuli is not only a remarkable piano teacher but also a talented composer. My daughter and I feel incredibly fortunate to have crossed paths with her. Gyuli has a unique ability to inspire and challenge us to reach new heights in our musical journey. In just a few short months, we've witnessed a significant improvement in our skills. One of the things we admire most about Gyuli is her exceptional way of infusing emotion into every piece of music. Her teaching style is characterized by patience, a sense of fun, and a commitment to providing a lifelong learning experience. We genuinely adore Gyuli and eagerly look forward to each and every lesson with her. She has made learning the piano an absolute joy!”


Image by Lorenzo Spoleti
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