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"Unchained" at the Kentucky Music Teachers Conference

I had been preparing for that day almost six months! I was writing non stop the whole summer, being in the music world, full of beauty and unbelievably interesting adventure! My family and friends supported me when I was frustrated and tired, my brain told me to work harder, my heart made more than one hundred beats per minute.. It was all paid off on September 21st at the State Conference in Lexington! "Unchained' was "shining" on the stage through the fabulous sounds of violin, cello, saxophone, piano, and percussion. I could not be happier that day when all of my musical dreams came true and outstanding musicians performed my composition. I felt unchained and relieved, blessed and grateful for a chance to share my music on such a hight professional level! My piece received great feedbacks from professional musicians and composers as well as the rest of the audience. Special thanks to Natalia Bezuglova, Oleg Bezuglov, Samir Kambarov, Felix Borges, and Israel Cuenca for their phenomenal talent and support!

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