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Our Successful Piano Concerts Online

Today we had a great success in our remote piano concerts! A program "Zoom" made it all happen! My students played interesting pieces of different styles and genres. Everyone was very exited about this event and dressed up like it was live performances with real audience. It is our second time when we played on online recital. Students were more prepared and set up their devices well. Moreover, this time my students invited their relatives and friends to our Zoom event to support music art and share their passion about piano. At the end of each concert my son Timur (he plays flute), Ethan (my associate) and I played for the students and their guests. I premiered my latest composition "The Song of Heart". This peaceful romantic piece for piano is a part of my "Little Music Stories". It brought a quiet atmosphere to our concerts, making us feel blessed and connected through the music! I am a strong believer that art will save the world. It always gives us hope that we all need to feel somewhere deep in our hearts...

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