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Cinematic Crescendo: Kinoposotiv Honors for Author Music

In a great achievement, I am thrilled to share that my music soundtrack, "You Are Not Alone," the centerpiece of the documentary by Anna Barsakova, has been honored with a Laureate Diploma. This significant recognition was bestowed upon me at the esteemed film festival, Kinopositiv (Perm city, Russia), where not only did the soundtrack earn acclaim, but my CDs also received the prestigious Laureate Diploma.

These dual accolades hold special significance as they signify a notable contribution to the advancement of music as a distinct and original art form. The acknowledgment from Kinopositiv underscores the appreciation for my work, highlighting the evolving landscape of author music.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported me on this journey: voice - Viktoriya Cherentsova, arrangement - Alexiano Fedruchelli, lyrics - Oleg Bezuglov. Your encouragement fuels my passion, and I am excited to continue pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons in the realm of music composition.

To explore the main sountrack "You Are Not Alone" and discover my CDs, feel free to click on the following links:


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