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Merry Christmas from "PianissiMore"!

Hi everyone! "PianissiMore" team and I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New 2022 Year! We wish you strong health, good luck, happiness and creativity. May all your special dreams come true soon!

This year has been very productive, successful and joyful for our students and teachers. We have grown as a music studio and reached many goals. For the last year our students have played four concerts and three of them were in person! We have professional and passionate teachers who have worked hard to make our students' level high and strong. Our amazing teachers Arthur Tang, Murphy Lamb, Emily Fischer and Roman Wood has performed with their students at the recitals making the atmosphere delightful and memorable! Some of our students has successfully participated in several piano and composition competitions and festivals. They have won many of these competitions and received several diplomas. An addition to that, we have started to offer violin and cello lessons at our studio. As a final chord of this paragraph, I would like to mention that our studio finally got a name! It's "PianissiMore" now and we couldn't be happier to pass our experience, passion and love for music to our talented students! I am grateful for the parents' help and collaboration. We couldn't do it all without your support!

I am happy to share with you two videos of our last Christmas concerts and several short videos which we made in our studio for the last two weeks. May this music magically bring Christmas spirit to your home and uplift your mood! Cheers everyone!!!

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