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Movie With My Music

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

This week another article about my music and interview from Student World International Film Festival was released. As I mentioned in my previous post, it was a special moment in my life when I knew that the director of the documentary "Fine Line" and I were making some changes in this world and we will do it again. Unfortunately, you can't find the film online at the moment because it is participating in several contests and movie festivals. However, you can read articles about it and be ready for our film when it is available for public.

You can check an original and translated version below:

"Previously, we posted an article that "Fine Line" became a semi-finalist at the 2023 Student World Impact Film Festival and received a semi-finalist diploma for "Best Social Issue Film". After the official closing ceremony, the organizers asked director Anna Barsukova and composer Gyuli Kambarova to participate in recording a podcast for their listeners. We specifically answered questions in Russian so that our like-minded people could also understand what was at stake. This podcast is currently available in most countries of the world and hosted on platforms such as: Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Audible and Amazon Music. We, in turn, publish a video of this podcast on our Zen channel. We thank the organizers for the opportunity to communicate, and composer Gyuli Kambarova for good music for the film and for translating the podcast for Russian citizens. Happy listening!

“We have been working with the talented composer Gyuli Kambarova for many many years. Collaborative creativity is a fascinating and at the same time complex process, since each author has his own vision. Creative disagreements, of course, happen, but with Gyuli Kambarova we have learned to find compromises. We always support and encourage each other.” - director Anna Barsukova.

“Writing music for the film Between Despair and Hope was as easy and natural as loving or thinking about a distant Motherland, the image of which has forever settled in my heart (...) The music unobtrusively reflects the depth and integrity of the soul, its pain and confusion , her aspiration and enlightenment, her despair and hope…” - composer Gyuli Kambarova

composer Gyuli Kambarova - the author of the music for the film "Between despair and hope"

Composer Gyuli Kambarova also wrote music for our other films: "You are not alone!" and "Voice for the Voiceless".

Official website of the composer Gyuli Kambarova:

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