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My Stars!

Last weekend my students and I went to Bowling Green, KY to participate in Honors Recital, MTNA and Bluegrass competitions. Everyone showed a high level of performance by playing complicated programs at all three age groups: elementary, junior and senior. I was very proud of my piano stars that were shining like diamonds in a sunny day. Peter Zhang, Calvin Brey, John Chen, George Chen, Leila Thomas and Lara Thomas received diplomas of participants. The level of these competitions were extremely high and included competitors from different states. Out of all the students who participated in these competitions there was only one winner chosen in each age group. I admire my students for being brave enough to take part at the highest level competitions and have great quality programs. Special thanks goes to my students' parents who were with me every single step of the way, helping me to organize everything and support their outstanding children. I couldn't do it all without them! I feel so blessed and lucky for having such great team which I always can rely on! I believe we will have more interesting trips together in the near future. You can find our pictures from this music adventure below.

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