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Now Our Studio Has A Name - "PianissiMore"

We spent so much time to come out with the name for our music studio. Finally, we agreed to name it "PianissiMore". It refers to Italian term "Pianissimo" which means "very soft" and has "PP" sign in music. We have transformed the ending of this word to "PianissiMore" since for us it is MORE instruments, MORE quality, MORE great teachers, MORE talented students, MORE different opportunities to improve the level, MORE smiley faces in our studio every time you visit "PianissiMore"!

What do YOU think about when you hear the word "PianissiMore"? Please share your thoughts with me and my teachers and be a part of our studio! We are looking forward to grow as a professional music studio with our awesome students and faculty who are working very hard to provide a great quality lessons each day!

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