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Organ Concerts Under The Stars

For the last five Mondays my family and I have been going to Balboa park to listen fabulous organists at the 35th Annual San Diego International Organ Festival. This year it honors Ron De Fields, former Spreckels Organ Society member, board president and Summer Organ Festival Sponsorship Chair.

Each week great musicians present a new program playing different styles and genres, performing contemporary and cinematic music along with well known compositions from Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras. It is a great musical "treat" that is available at no charge to everybody how is interested in live music. I am happy to see so many people enjoying special energy of music written by composers from all over the world. It reminds me that music art is still one of a kind and is a universal language which connects souls regardless of geography and cultural affiliation.

I invite everyone to Balboa park where under the starts we will be all connected through the irresistible power of organ music!


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