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Our Public Success at the Floyd Library

Recently, our "PianissiMore" students had two successful recitals at the Floyd Public Library. They played pieces of different styles and genres; most of them were connected to the Halloween theme. All of the teachers played duets and solo pieces. We had so much fun, performing with one another and our students as well. Moreover, parents had blast too while supporting their kids and playing duets with them. We had different instruments at the concerts: piano, cello, saxophone, flute and guitar. It was such great happy energy that everyone shared during the recitals. Most of the parents brought beautiful flowers for their children and teachers. We love this old tradition and try to keep it in our studio! Each participant got his/her candies after the performance and at the end of each concert we took group pictures to capture these important moments. You can find pictures and videos from the recitals below. Our Christmas concerts are coming up soon! Stay tuned!

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