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Our Teachers Performed With UofL Orchestra

Last Saturday our teachers Murphy Lamb (piano) and Roman Wood (cello) performed with UofL School of Music's symphony orchestra. It was an outstanding concert of all the winners of 2021 and 2022 years of the "T.Y. Huang & Mrs. Mary Huang Concerto Competition." Samir and I were very impressed by our teachers' performances! They showed so much music and professionalism, passion and love, colors and great communication with the orchestra! Murphy played "Rhapsody in Blue" by G. Gershwin and Roman played Cello Concerto by E. Lalo. The final chord of Murphy's performance became a bright ending of the whole concert and the audience appreciated it with the standing ovations. The concert hall was packed with people who came to support young artist and enjoy the magic of music. We are very proud of our teachers Murphy and Roman and wish them to keep their high levels and continue sharing their music with us! Go "PianissiMore, go!"

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