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New Look of My Music Studio

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Less than a year ago I decided to move to an amazing state of California... It was the right decision and I feel so blessed and happy in this wonderful place where I met nice people, found my relatives, and built my music career from scratch! Every day I moved toward my dream - having a cozy place to work where everyone feels inspired and happy, and I can visit my favorite place - the ocean. My new students and their parents are very supportive and kind, they helped me to make my dream come true. Together with them, we are making plans for future performances, tests, and festivals. We have fun during their lessons learning so much about piano skills and techniques, composers, music theory, composition music history, and much more. I have only a few available spots left in my busy schedule for new students and already booked Steinway & Sons Gallery for December 9th for our studio Christmas Concert. I am planning to continue my studio traditions performing with my students and writing my original music for our concerts. My current studio is located in San Diego (Rancho Bernardo). It has a breathtaking view from the windows and a cozy atmosphere inside. I love seeing my students and their parents coming to my studio in a happy mood and full of energy and inspiration. You can click on the link to have a little tour of my quiet dreamy place - my music studio "PianissiMore". Now it matches the name of the studio because it is a quiet place ("PP" - pianissimo in the music world means to play very softly) and students can get so much more than just learning how to play piano. Visit me to experience the beauty and magic of music!

My new students are growing quickly as musicians showing already good results!


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