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Students of "PianissiMore" Have Been Accepted to Prestigious Universities

This year four of my students Leila Thomas, Lara Thomas, Danielle Tobias and Felix Liu are graduating from high schools. All of them have been accepted to very prestigious universities as University of Louisville, Bellarmine University, Perdue University, and Saint Louis University. I am very proud of these talented students and wish them always to have special space for music in their hearts. It has been my pleasure to teach them all these years and helping them to reach their goals, making progresses in piano performance and enjoy the beauty of music world!

Last lessons with Leila and Lara Thomas were very special. Leila surprised me with her performance of one of my piano pieces "Dreams" from my first CD "Dreams". She learned it by herself to make a musical gift for me. I will always remember that farewell song from Leila who made me feel that people care about music and know the value of its magic. Moreover, last Tuesday we recorded with Lara and Leila a duet "Norwegian Dance" written by Edward Grieg that put a dramatic "period" at the end of our interesting and joyful journey. You can find these two recording below.

Go my graduates, go!

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