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Please, read our agreement before signing it. Thank you!

Terms and Conditions

revised in July 2023

1.   The lesson time assigned to each student is a standing appointment.

2.   The lesson starts at appointed time and ends at appointed time. If the student is late, the lesson will be finished at the scheduled time to avoid conflicts with the following student. The student will be charged for the whole lesson. If the teacher is late the               student will not be charged for the time spent waiting for the teacher.

3.   There are no refunds for missed lessons (exceptions are outlined below)  and no makeup lessons. If the student is absent, the teacher will utilize the lesson time to record individualized educational videos and send them to the student or the student’s parent/legal guardian.

4.   The teacher reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher for the lesson he/she is not able to attend. Lessons cancelled by the teacher without providing a substitute teacher will not be charged for or prorated amount will be reimbursed. 

5.   The student who is sick and provides a note from the doctor will receive a prorated refund for missed lessons due to sickness. 


6.   Due to reasons such as COVID-19 and other dangerous for health exposures of the student/teacher, bad weather conditions, and etc. the teacher can replace the in-person lesson with a remote lesson via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime, Google Duo and other platforms. This lesson will be considered as a regular lesson.


7.   The student who must be absent for more than two weeks for hospitalization or extended illness should request a leave of absence. No charge will be made for this period and tuition will be prorated. The teacher cannot guarantee to keep a regular time for the student who is on leave of absence.

8.   In June and July only the student or student’s parent/legal guardian has the right to request a leave of absence due to vacation. These lessons will not be charged for and monthly tuition will be prorated if the request has been submitted at least one month in advance via "Vacation Request Form." Any other missed lessons will be considered absences. The teacher cannot guarantee to keep the existing lesson spot if the student is absent for more than two consecutive weeks. 

9.  There are will be no lessons scheduled on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas holidays and New Year's break (12/24-01/03).

Payments and Fees

  • The lesson program tuition fees are as follows:   ​

       Lesson Length              Tuition Fee

        30 minutes                         $180.00/month

        45 minutes                         $240.00/month

        60 minutes                         $300.00/month

  • Adult students/parents/legal guardians will receive an invoice on the 1st day of every month for the number of lessons schedule to be in this month. In addition to that, recording and performance fees and any adjustments will be included on the statement as well. The due date will be the 1st day of each month as well. Each month is a separate bill.

  • All payments will be processed via credit/debit cards/bank accounts only as recurring payments. For this reason, adult students/parents/legal guardians responsible for payments should save their payment methods online when the first invoice is received and authorize the system for auto payments. There will be a $50 late payment fee assessed seven days after the due date if the automatic payment gets declined and the invoice stays unpaid. In case of declined automatic draw, it is a responsibility of the adult students/parents/legal guardians to submit a manual payment. 

  • If a refund is due, 1/4th of the monthly tuition will be counted as a credit for one scheduled lesson.

  • Adult students/parents/legal guardians who fail to meet their financial obligations will be dropped.

  • Adult students/parents/legal guardians are able to cancel the contract at any time starting from a new month.

  • GSK Music, LLC DBA PianissiMore reserves the right to change and/or cancel this agreement at any time without any reason or explanation.

Thank you for submitting!

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