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Our Royal Baby Grand Piano

We are very excited to share the great news with you! Recently, we got a baby... baby grand piano! It is Steinway & Sons model B and 6.10 feet long. It was manufactured in 1982 and this model is considered to be the flagman of this brand. This beauty has an interesting background history. It used to play classical compositions at a doctor's office for many years, making patiences happier, giving them hope and healing light with each performed note. We named it "Black Dimond" as a dedication to the newest model of "Steinway & Sons". We are already enjoying the magic sound of the piano that encourages us and our students to learn more and more fine pieces written by best of the best composers! This "adopted baby" definitely found a great home, full of music, discoveries and ideas! Now we will have a chance to perform more often in our studio. Join our studio and participate in our piano meets, experiencing wonderful sound of the best brand in the world - "Steinway & Sons"!

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