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Premiere of the movie "You Are Not Alone!"

I am happy to announce that on May 13th the premiere of the movie took place in Russia. It went very well! Many people came to support this project and were very impressed by the job of my movie team. I appreciate your help with fundraiser and good wishes which you sent to us! I am glad that I am surrounded by people like you who still care about problems of others, who still have enough love and passion to share with the world, who still believe that together we can change the world!!! Below is a link to the teaser. There are no subtitles, so I wrote them out as well. "Everything started the moment when we adopted Ivan. He was 5 and a half years old. He was afraid of everything: open space, all modes of transportation, animals, and vegetables. This is the type of disease he has. All the problems we had scared us! Sometimes I thought: “What have I done? What if we didn’t adopt him?” Song. Lyrics by my dear friend Oleg Bezuglov.


Somewhere on enchanted planet

With skies as fragile as glass

The shelter for abandoned children

Who live without care and love.


There, the forgotten tale's end

Hidden under dreamy veil

And your heart is cold in sadness

You should believe that joy awaits

Love and happiness prevail

And fill life of yours with faith.


You're not alone, you know that, don't you?

If not today, if not right now

All that you dream of will be yours once

In mere shine of kind eyes.


In stream of salutary sunshine

Under the sail of your dream

Away from sad enchanted planet

You'll fly away to brand new home.

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