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Our Fabulous Christmas Recitals

Last Saturday my students and I had a wonderful piano recitals at the Louisville Academy of Music and at the Crescent Hill United Methodist Church. These were very unique concerts! My students enjoyed, playing first time their duets with Samir (saxophone). He intrigued them with jazzy and well known classical pieces which they learned at our CHAMBER MUSIC CLASSES. Remarkable sound of saxophone and classical color of piano made bright Christmas atmosphere for the audience. Another exiting moment at our recital became my duet with Chinese harp - guldjan that was played by one of my student's parent Yinyin Wright. It was my first experience with this rare string instrument. We surprised everyone!by performing my arrangement of a traditional Chinese song "Jasmine Flower". People were very interested in the sound of this authentic instrument which was invented more than two thousand years ago. In additional, some of my students already traditionally played duets and trio with their parents. At the end every student received a Christmas present from me. I am very proud of my students and our piano studio that is becoming more special and well recognized in the musical arena!


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