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My Lecture at Youth Performing Art School (YPAS)

Recently, I was asked to make a presentation at YAPS Dance Department about different dances in classical music such as mazurka, polonaise, waltz, and etc. as well as to cover basic music terminology. I had already done it before and knew that I needed to be creative in order to present the information in more adventures and interesting for the students way to keep them engaged and active, which I thing I have accomplished. I was talking about different types of dances and their specific details. Also, students learned more about basic music theory which they were be able to apply to the dance field. The audience seemed very interested and communicated with me extremely well, discussing new material and asking questions. Later, everybody passed the test, based on this lecture! The final part was everyone's favorite - students were dancing along to the Christmas music that I adopted specially for their class. We all felt the spirit of coming Christmas and were happy to create new dances as beautiful form of art.

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