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Our Livestream Success

Yesterday we performed lifestream concert on Facebook to uplift the spirit in our community. This incredible experience was possible due to support from Kentucky Performing Arts and their series “KPA at Home” in partnership with Louisville Academy of Music sponsored by Brown Forman. We played my original pieces for saxophone and piano and for piano solo at our home studio. Moreover, I premier a special piano compositions “The Altered World” which reflected our current time that is full of uncertainty and obscurity. Also, this event was turned into a front yard concert for our dear neighbors some of whom are working at Audubon Hospital to show them our appreciation and admiration at this difficult time. We were surprised that we gathered so many listeners and our neighbors applauded us right after our concert from their back and front yards. We were happy to provide professional level of sound and music. My husband and I believe in the magical power of music that can uplift and cure, give you hope and support, be your best friend when everything seems shadowy. We have received many grateful comments and almost a thousand views! There are some pictures and video from our yesterday concert.

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