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"Lift Up Lou" Livestream Concert

Recently, I was awarded with another grant. "LIft Up Lou" singed up a contract with me for a micro-commission work and organized a livestream concert for Samir and me. "Lift Up Lou" is public and government service that is supporting artists and gives them a chance to be heard by listeners around the world. Last Wednesday, on May 13th Samir and I played a livestream concert from our improved home studio. We used our brand new microphones to provide a better quality sound for our listeners and performed my original pieces for alto-saxophone and piano and two of my preludes for piano solo. We were happy to participate the program of "Lift Up Lou" and find more fans of our music art. In fact, we received many great compliments about our recital and more than 500 views! This time our audience's geography was extended. Our friends and relatives from Azerbajdzjan, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia watched our performance too! Knowing that some of our listeners spoke Russian, we translated everything to Russian for their convenience.

Please, watch our show, by following this link.

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