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Happy New 2022 Year!

Hi everyone! I am so exited to welcome you to new 2022 year! PianissiMore's teachers have so many interesting ideas and plans for you! We are going to have new group class "Music Aesthetics", where you can learn more about music theory and history, famous performers and interesting facts from famous musicians, develop your ear and music writing, and much more with one of our teachers Arthur Tang. This year our students as usually are going to participate in festivals, competitions, and concerts. PianissiMore will involve more instruments to the concerts and private lessons. We have incredible teachers who are enthusiastic, talented, passionate about music and ready to share their experience with our students.

On New Year Day I wrote my" New Year" song for piano solo and very soon it is going to be recorded and shared with you. My student Calvin Brey and our studio are wishing you the best year ever and happy to share the music gift below - Calvin's arrangement of the song "Jingle Bell Rock" by Jim Boothe. Stay tuned for more information about our new group class "Music Aesthetics" and my newest composition "New Year".

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