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Honorable Mention Diploma

Recently, we received a wonderful news! A few weeks ago the director of Kentucky Music Teachers Association Nina Bell Durr sent me a congratulation letter where she was happy to congratulate all of my students for their participation and some of them getting Honorable Mention diplomas at KMTA festivals and piano/composition competitions. We were surprised and happy to know that one of my students Lara Thomas has been awarded with an Honorable Mention Diploma at KTMA Bluegrass piano competition. It is one of the strongest competitions in Kentucky and its neighbor states that is very hard to win. There was only one winner and one Honorable Mention diploma for each age group. According to this fact, we can consider the Honorable Mention diploma as a second prize in Senior group where Lara was the youngest participant. She is only 15 years old and her oldest opponents were 18-19 years old. I am extremely happy for Lara whose hard work was paid off! Moreover, she has been accepted to UofL and is getting ready to play her audition in March. Let's wish this girl to be successful in many ways, always reaching her goals shinning like a star!

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