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My 6th CD is Getting Ready to be Released

I am extremely happy to announce that my 6th CD is almost ready to be released! It was recorded in Louisville, KY at TNT recording studio. The CD will include several pieces for saxophone, piano and voice. I incredibly appreciate musicians who made it happened! My friend Domenique Pulavarti has beautiful voice that made my romances for voice and piano very expressive and touching. Her professional level is beyond difficulties and complications that a singer is facing practicing my romances. Moreover, Dominique learned them in the original Russian language. Another music artist who made a big difference for my 6th CD is Arthur Tang. This piano player is a very dedicated and talented musician who has performed in such well known places as Carnegie Hall. Arthur brought so much joy and live atmosphere to all the pieces he recorded. Also, he was ready for every change I made during our rehearsals which is a rare ability for musicians. An addition, my husband Samir Kambarov recorded my newest suite for saxophone and piano "Grand Waltzes" which had very advanced musical texture and complicated modern music technique. Everyone felt a great spirit of a strong professional team. I couldn't be happier with the results and am looking forward to sharing my music with the audience though the media! Stay tuned!

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