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My latest piece "Fantasia" for Violin and Piano Was Finished!

“Fantasia” for violin and piano is one of my newest pieces that was finished a week ago. It is a work commissioned by the United Methodist Church in Lansing, MI. The main idea of this composition is to spread sacred music around the world and to be heard by larger and diverse audience. For this reason, I used four popular hymns: “Majesty, Worship His Majesty” (introduction), “Camina, Pueblo de Dios” (main theme), “Let There Be Peace on Earth” (middle part), and “Amazing Grace” (coda). My friend Natalia Bezuglova has been working at the United Methodist Church as a piano player for many years. She encouraged me to create something fresh and unique for her duet with Oleg Bezuglov who plays violin. We all graduated from the same conservatory in Russia and have been collaborating for many years. Recently, they both have been invited to play at online festival “Lansing Musical Matinees” in Lansing, MI and have decided to premier my “Fantasia” as a part of their program.

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