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My Music Became a finalist of A Prestigious Film Festival in The United Kingdom, England

Recently, I have received a great news! My soundtrack "You Are Not Alone!" became a finalist of the very prestigious "Out Of The Can International Film Festival" in the United Kingdom. This year there were 5, 253 entries from all over the world (USA, Australia, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom). I became one of the 115 finalists! More than 20 countries participated in this festival, applying for different categories as "The Best Support Actress", "The Best Documentary", "The Best Non English Speaking Film", "The Best male Director" "The best Female Director", "The Best Producer", "Best Soundtrack" etc. Honorably, my music became a nominee for the "Best Soundtrack". Only four soundtracks were chosen to become winners in this category. The winners will be announce today at 6.30pm on "Out Of The Can International Film Festival"'s Facebook page. Fingers crossed!

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