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My Newest Little Music Stories

Hi everybody! I would like to share with you my latest "Little Music Stories." I didn't write them for a while and felt that I was missing something without telling my stories to the world. This necessity of composing "My Little Music Stories" brings me new music ideas that reflect my life and its occurrences. My composition "Irrevocability" is dedicated to the loving memory of my grandmother Gyuli Dadasheva who passed away this summer... I was named after this brave, smart, kind and beautiful person who loved me unconditionally from the bottom of her heart. She dedicated her life to me. She was the one who helped me to find my way in music and build my own path. My grandmother was a creative leading engineer who was extremely passionate about music and art. She was the first who introduced me to operas, symphony orchestra concerts, finest museums and the whole music world of composition and piano! My grandmother left everything in her mother town to move with me to a big city Rostov-on-Don where I had an opportunity to study at the best place for musicians - the Rostov State Rachmaninov Conservatory. It was an extremely wonderful chance to study under the leadership of outstanding professors Natalia Simonova and Galina Gontarenko. I couldn't reach anything that I have now without my grandmother's help and faith in my talent as a musician. Writing this piece was one of the most painful moments in my life... Music was dictated by responsiveness to my darkest feeling of loss...

Another music story has a completely opposite color and brings you to the morning mood when day has just started and you have hope that everything is going to be just fine. This melody came to me last week while I was preparing for my lessons in my studio. The light melody and miscellaneous harmonies "swam" me like a river to the creation of "Morning Thoughts". It took at about 15 minutes to write it down while it was in the air. I hope you will enjoy both pieces that like yin and yang reflect different perspectives of our lives.

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