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My Newest Music Has Been Performed

Recently, one of my romances for soprano and piano from my newest vocal cycle was performed in Taganrog (Russia) at the International Music Competition "Golden Camerton". The performer was a 16 years old girl Ekaterina Zorya who brought so much beauty and live into my music. At this competition she became a winner of the first place out of 300 participants in the nomination "Vocal Solo". The accompanist Elena Nazarova who played the piano part showed an extraordinary professionalism following every step of the vocalist. It was such a great surprise for me when the poet of the lyrics Victor Galperin sent me the recording of my composition along with many complements of my music. He said that people enjoyed the romance and were impressed with the quality and depth of the music and lyrics. The interesting fact is that some of the audience from this competition had already known my music for a while and were happy to hear another music gift all the way from accross the ocean.

You can check out the recording of the composition below:

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