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My Student Has Been Accepted to The Best Universities!

I always tell my students that sooner or later their hard job will be paid off. Last week one of my students Shianne Bonham received a wonderful news: she was accepted to the Cincinnati Conservatory and Vanderbilt University. This student is a great example of a hard worker who never gives up on her dreams and believes that music can change the world. I have been working with Shianne for almost two years and see her tremendous progress during this time. She is a very unusual student who plays two instruments: piano and oboe. I am giving her piano and chamber music lessons that help her improve her skills as an oboe player as well. For the last six months I have been preparing Shianne for her collage audition, opening her musical talent and recording pieces for collage auditions. She is shining like a diamond that has been polished and has gotten its final cut. I wish this girl to enjoy music and remember that everyone eventually can reach his/her goal if he/she sets it up in mind, moving forward to it!

You can find one of our favorite recordings below:

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