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My Students Won The First Places in Prague and Los Angeles!

Today we received a wonderful news! All of my students who participated in the International Festival of Performing Art have been awarded the first degree diplomas! The competition was held remotely. I had sent several videos of my students' performances which we recorded in our studio to Prague (Czech Republic) and Los Angeles (USA) that were participating locations for holding the competition. All five students won the first places!

Winners in Prague are: John Chen - a winner in the age category 8-10 years old, Lara Thomas and Peter Zhang - winners in the category 11-13 years old, Leila Thomas - a winner in the age category 14-16 years old. George Chen received his first degree diploma at the same International Festival that was held in the US in the youngest age category, for participants who were under 7 years old. Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised to receive two diplomas as a teacher "for the inexhaustible pedagogical talent, the highest professionalism, determination, many years of painstaking work on the benefit of education". It is always great go know that our work pays off! Now my students and I are ready to work on the new programs to participate in more piano competitions and festivals!

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