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My Superior Students

Last week my students and I received great news from e-Festival 2021 by Kentucky Music Teachers Association. All of my students have received superior evaluation! Very well-known professors such as Dr. Donal Speer (Western Kentucky University) and Dr. Brianna Matzke (Wilmington Collage) were the judges this year. They gave us excellent comments and suggestions to improve our level and grow as pianists. According to the requirements, we had to sent two contrasting pieces from different eras that originally were written for piano. My students George Chen and John Chen were considered as Elementary Group participants. They love music and have made significant progress during the past three years. These brothers already won several prestigious piano competitions in the US, Czech Republic and Russia. Hao Ran Zhang and Calvin Brey belonged to Junior Group. They both are extremely musical students who like to learn new pieces and styles. As a contemporary composer Calvin Brey has already won numerous composition competitions in Russia and the US. He became a two-time National winner by Music Teachers National Association and a one-time a finalist of the same organization. The advanced level of our piano studio was represented by Leila and Lara Thomas. For the last year they became popular pianist online. These girls have received many great comments on my YouTube Channel and Facebook, Instagram from very professional musicians as well as piano lovers. They both are preparing for collage auditions and working on conservatory level programs. I am very proud of my students and wish them to keep up such a phenomenal job!

You can find their professional recordings that we made at our studio if you click on the links below:

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