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One More Student Has Been Accepted to the University

One of my students Maddie Bowers has been accepted to Loyola University Chicago. It is one of the prestigious universities in the US with a great department of Fine and Performing Arts. Maddie recorded two contrasting compositions of different styles that were required for her audition. Nocturne in C minor by F. Chopin and Sonata in F major by L. Beethoven became absolute match for this matter. We recorded Maddie's program in our piano studio and spent two hours to make it sound professional and advanced. Our passion for music and regular practice time were paid off! After several weeks Maddie has received the excellent new and now one of my best students is a student of Loyola University in Chicago. I wish Maddie to keep it up and always believe in her dreams. The new chapter of her life is open and there are many opportunities that are awaiting for her to be explored!

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