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Our Amazing Spring Concerts

On March 19th our students and teachers had two big Spring Concerts at the Broadway Church in Louisville. This place has phenomenal acoustics, best brand piano "Steinway & Sons" and so much space for the audience. We greatly appreciate Matt Grossman for his collaboration with our studio and a great chance to perform at this beautiful church. Students of Murphy Lamb, Arthur Tang, Roman Wood and myself showed a strong level and played different pieces of various compositors. This time "PianissiMore" studio had many duets including chamber music and piano duets. We were happy to hear flute, guitar, cello, piano, and saxophone. Moreover, we had our pleasure to award with diplomas my students Calvin Brey, George Chen, Lara Thomas, Leila Thomas and Joshua Riley who recently received 1st places at the online piano competition in different age groups in Lipetsk, Russia. Parents and siblings were happy to support each other on the stage performing together interesting compositions. The hall was full of relatives and friends who came to our concerts to share love and joy for music. According to "PianissiMore" tradition, all the teachers performed at the end of the concerts. Samir and I premiered my newest piece for saxophone and piano that we dedicated to the victims of Ukraine and Russia. It was a memorable moment full of flowers, pictures and great music! You can find some of the pictures from the concerts below. Also there are two links to our Spring concerts that you can share with people who couldn't participate or come that time.

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