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Our Easter Gift For Everyone

Last Thursday Dominique Pulavarti and I recorded beautiful romances "Before My Window" and "Christ is Risen" by Russian composer Sergey Rachmaninoff. It is our special music gift for everyone to celebrate this holiday and feel the spirit of Easter with us. You will enjoy listening "Before My Window's" colorful harmonies and lovely melody. It has so mush of spring mood and beauty that you might want to sing along with Dominique. As we prepare to raise our voices this Easter and powerfully proclaim "Christ is Risen", we chose the romance "Christ is Risen" because of its message: “Christ is Risen” the choirs sing, but my soul is quiet. The earth is full of blood and tears - our song seems offensive. If Christ was around us now, to see what the centuries have brought us: brothers hate each other, our ways disgraced; yet bright temples proclaim loudly “Christ is Risen”. Lord, you would weep over us with bitter tears...”

After the worldwide tumult of coronavirus, may we evaluate our hearts, that we indeed celebrate “Christ is Risen”, by being like Him.

Please, watch the videos below and celebrate this Easter spiritually with us!

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