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Our Fabulous Halloween Recital

A week ago our students and our studio's teachers were celebrating Halloween via Zoom. We had costume contest where everyone had to dress up for Halloween. It was so much fun, watching our students in Zoom who were witches, ghosts, main characters from famous movies and different types of animals. Our teachers were wearing costumes as well. All the students played one piano piece and talked about his/her costume. Since we have 45 students, we had to have two "zoom shows" and chose two winners, one for each concert. We announced them at the end of our recitals and awarded them with gift cards from Amazon. Traditionally, teachers performed at the end of each concert, playing interesting duets and solos. The following week was very "sweet" and happy for our students because every one of them received candies after the lesson and watched our studio's decorations. We enjoyed celebrating Halloween with our piano students who definitely brought so much joy and Halloween spirit to our studio! Now we have started to plan our Christmas concerts which will be via zoom in the middle of December. Stay tuned for another great celebration in our musical way!

As a bonus to these pictures, I am adding a couple of videos from our studio recitals:

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